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Not all professional riders wish to advertise their best horses for sale. Therefore we exclusively offer our members to include the horses that they potentially could consider to sell, to the right buyer, in our Bespoke Collection. This part of the DreamSportsHorses Collection is not open to the public and requires special request and password.

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DreamSportsHorses is part of DreamSports Media. We specialise Sports Marketing and Branding. With DreamSportsHorses The Equestrian community we promote top Scandinavian Riders presenting their elite sport horses.

In order to qualify for any horse to have presentation by DreamSportsHorses selection is based on the criteria of being in professional training, having solid sports performance and being healthy and Vet-approved.

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USA Dressage Congratulations to Akondo and Emma Asher winning 2018 USEF Junior Dressage Nationals. What a great achievement 🎉👌
Emma Asher and Traneenggaards Akondo, owned by Seeley Equestrian Ventures, win the 2018 US Equestrian Junior Dressage National Championship at the U.S. Dressage ...
World Breeding Dressage Championships – Watching the finals: LIVE & RELIVE from WORLD BREEDING DRESSAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018. #dreamsportshorses #bestoftheworld #youngdressagehorses
MN Dressage Donate in the Fundraising for participation at the World Championships Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo for talented Michelle Nilsson MN Dressage - we hope that you will get there Michelle!
Jag har startat en insamling för att möjliggöra en eventuell ...
Photos from Dreamsportshorses's post Enjoying Swedish hospitality - sharp competition and great people 🐴🎉😊Everlövs Ryttarsällskap
Dreamsportshorses added 3 new photos.
CHIO Aachen Like if riding dressage did not take up all our time - we could start decorating the sand :-)
Was bitteschön macht der denn da? Das haben wir in der 120jährigen Aachener Reitturniergeschichte auch noch nicht erlebt. Aber seht selbst, ...
FEI Dressage Watching GP Special from FEI NATIONS CUP in Uggerhalne
Enjoy the Grand Prix Special 🔴 LIVE from the FEI Dressage Nations Cup™ in Uggerhalne (Denmark)! 🐴🐴🐴
Dreamsportshorses shared FEI Dressage's live video.
2018 DM feltet er klar Denmarks National champions in Dressage is approaching. We look especially forward to be cheering for søbakkehus Mia-Bella (sister of Mamma-Mia) With Joachim Thomsen in the Saddle 🎉👏🏻
Et felt med både nye og "gamle" ekvipager, og gensyn med Joachim Thomsen ...
Selling "The Love of Your Life"
Whether you’re a recreational rider or rising star of the world equestrian scene, deciding whether to sell a horse is among the toughest decisions one will ever face.
Svenska Ridsportförbundet - Officiell sida Watch live Live from CDI Compiegne #dreamsportstv
Svensk Ridsportförbundet streaming live - Thanks
Vi gör ett nytt försök med livesändning! Denna gång från FEI Dressage Nations Cup Grand Prix LIVE från Compiègne, Frankrike. Antonia Ramel, Rose Mathisen, Juliette Ramel och ...
Werth, Dufour, Kittel, ... All winners of the Dressage season 2017/18! | FEI World Cup™... FEI World Cup Finals coming up ... Cheering for Scandinavia :-)
Can you name all winners of the current FEI World Cup™ Dressage season? As the final in Paris is coming closer, we give you a little help and summarize ...
Jumping Amsterdam – Watching the FEI Grand Prix Dressage from Amsterdam now live 11 AM CET - including replay (if you missed it from the beginning):
Eva Congratulations Anna Blomgren Rogers - Winning the Grand Prix Special CHI Geneve - absolutely magic performance! Missed the show. Watch again:
Dreamsportshorses shared Eva Stub Fischer's post.
Looking to find a young horse with the perfect combination of rideability, elegance and a pedigree for a top Grand Prix horse? Read More:
Looking for that special dressage horse? Talented, and with a pedigree that’s predictive
Watvhing CDI Compiègne #equestriancommu wishing all riders a great competition

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