2’nd place and 72,3% in GP Kür. Another great performance by Weltliebe and Nanna Merrald

Just another fine performance by Weltliebe and Nanna Merrald in todays Grand Prix Freestyle at Odense CDI***** 72,25% and second place!. Quite a result since this is Weltliebes first time Grand Prix Freestyle ever! In the packed arena Nanna rode with much more relaxation than in yesterdays U25 Grand Prix and Weltliebe proved his class and did not have any mistakes. This showes us that with more experience and a Kür programme with a higher degree of technical difficulty the scores can be even higher. But a wise decision to choose a freestyle programme with beautiful music and suitable technical difficulty for todays challenge. Well done Team Merrald. (video from online showing of the tournament at Odense: equitv.dk)