More about Vinnie

So Valentine is over – and you are still in love with Vinnie?

Well – we are. Below is the full story about her life. Vinnie is sponsored by ATG. (Bet on horses – we are giving back to them).






Happy Valentine from Vinnie

Movie star Vinne of Sweden wishes all her friends happy Valentine.

Vinnie is now a celebrity pony after publishing her lifestyle training tips and – this video is showing how she improves body curves in the fitness club. All sponsored by swedish ATG.

It is hard not to fall in love with Vinnie – Happy Valentine

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Do you want to have the full story of Vinnie? See more videos here

Hermes has a romantic eye for horses – in a quest of brand authencity

A raft of luxury labels are experiencing a renaissance in a much more authentic equestrian aesthetic. Read more

Hunter Boots goes truly equestrian

Going for a hack or horse riding in on Island?

Hunters riding boot has been developed in conjunction with experts in the equestrian field.

The style is made from an innovative soft rubber compound and neoprene. Breathable airmesh neoprene and rubber inside leg panels offer added comfort, while the rubber foot is flexible. Specially designed, the sole features a reinforced metal shank for riding and reflective panels finish the back of the boot aiding visibility.

Shop Hunter Boots 20141105105826FLD_BUR_AW14_WFT1009NRE_product

Gucci Equestrian underlines the classic look

Gucci Equestrian offers a collection of items that allows you to be on your way either to the office or to the stable. The price tag most likely says that you are on your way to the office … but should you decide to go riding in your Gucci apparel please wear their helmet.

Classic choice!Gucci helmelt

Equestrian – Massimo Dutti Style

Equestrian lifestyle makes fashion these days. And aspirational is just the word for the 2014 season at Massimo Dutti



The Gina Tricot Falsterbo Horse Show Collection is here!

Do yoGP5_v492_RGB_press_2u want to be dressed in style before you arrive at Falsterbo Horse Show? Shop the new collection online on from 19 June, and at the show 5-13 July 2014 in Falsterbo. is a finalist for the Equestrian Digital Awards 2014!

We are proud to be listed amongst the finalists in this years Equestrian Digital Awards in the category ‘Websites’, that is being judged on: Content, User experience (structure & navigation), Visual design, Cross-platform integration (social media, blog etc.) and overall experience. Thank you to the ESMA Expert Panel!

In the motivation for nomination it says:

“We have been blown away by the standard of entries in the first Equestrian Digital Awards. The obvious consideration and time which has gone into your platforms has ensured your place as a finalist.”

Read more about the Equestrian Digital Awards, the professional Jury, the other finalists and more: ESMA, Equestrian Digital Awards

The Ralph Lauren Magazine showcases equestrian lifestyle delux

Welcome to equestrian wonderland! millbrookBelieve it or not but: Above all, Millbrookians pride themselves on their low-key lifestyle.

Theirs is an almost Jeffersonian cult of the land—the ideal of  the yeoman farmer as the embodiment of civic virtue.

Read the full article here

Massimo Dutti launches equestrian line

The New Massimo Dutti Equestrian Collection is inspired by the true definition of the Equestrian sport: skill, passion and elegance. Watch the introduction video here

Shop online here