It’s Springtime – Are you Prepared if Laminitis Strikes?

We all love springtime and turning our horses out on the green grass.

Saumur Voltige FEI Vaulting World Cup Final

Described as gymnastics on horseback, Vaulting is a harmonious bond between horse and athlete that creates awe-inspiring acrobatic displays of skill and precision


Defending FEI World Champion Isabell Werth, riding her Olympic horse Weihegold OLD scored another stunning victory (88.871%) …

Saadan Que & Nanna Merrald shine

Saadan Que shines with at 1st place Intermediate II – 3rd in Grand Prix, in a strong field of horses and experienced riders. With a result above 71% in both classes, Nanna was very pleased with her season premiere with Saadan Que.

The Danish elite riders were preparing for the 2019 season at the National Dressage competition at Esbjerg Rideklub last week, making the most of the opportunity to polish their performance before the international tournaments really gets going in the new year.

Nanna Merrald took the opportunity to show Saadan Que first in Intermediate II in a strong field of horses and experienced riders and result of 71,096 % and a first place, then in the Grand Prix, where the result was a 3’rd and 71,567%, Nanna was very pleased with her season premiere with Saadan Que. “She really develops well, getting stronger and all the time improving her expressive gates. Her ability to collect is really amazing – with such big and expressive trot at the same time!” Nanna said about her impressive mare. (results)

Saadan Que is for sale – represented by

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Capo Knight Sold to Ludwig Wilken

Ludwig Wilken, that has been the rider of Capo Knight (owned by Susanne Tovek) for about a year has acquired Capo. Ludwig has competed this talented horse internationally and achieved great success. During our resent visit to Capo’s stable Ludwig’s mother explained about the special bond between Ludwig and Capo “Ludwig just loves this horse and they seem like soulmates”. So happy day’s! Congratulations to the combination that will be able to continue their successful partnership in the future.

A dream come true for Mai

It’s a dream come true for Mai Tofte Olesen and her Rustique to be participating at the FEI World Cup Finals Omaha 2017. Congratulations to the pairs fine performance last night – really impressive. Truly impressive is also the ‘entourage’, as she comments on it: “the smallest ever seen at an event like this” – … but it’s not quantity but quality that matters and the support from husband and son is not to be mistaken by   Mai, we can’t wait to watch you in the Freestyle on Saturday.


CHIO Aachen DHL-PRIZE CROSS-COUNTRY COMPETITION will be live at 10:00 AM CET Saturday

Ingrid Klimke at the CHIO Aachen. DHL-PRIZE CROSS-COUNTRY COMPETITION will be happening tomorrow morning 10:00 AM CET. Join us at to enjoy the spectacular live coverage will be from more than 32 cameras on the 4000 meters long course …


Join us online as the worlds best riders are competing. We will be broadcasting live from the absolute top events during the CHIO Aachen, the world’s biggest equestrian event. Sweden is the partner country of CHIO Aachen 2016, and, are inviting all Swedish, Danish and Norwegian equestrian enthusiasts to join us online. Watch as the worlds best show jumping riders, eventers and dressage riders are rehearsing their Olympic Games performances one last time before Rio. It’s free to watch – but please notice that the signal will not be available in Germany.

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CHIO Aachen – the worlds largest equestrian event


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Cathrine Dufour ready for Aachen with Cassidy but also worried about competing before Rio …


written by Cathrine Dufour 11/07/2016

During the Danish Championship at Broholm castle a few weeks ago, the Danish Equestrian Federation selected the danish team for Aachen CDIO5*. Atterupgaards Cassidy and I were among the four “lucky” one to represent Denmark in the Nations Cup.

Normally it would have been amazing to be selected for this huge competition, but according to the fact that the Olympic Games will begin just two weeks after Aachen, makes it very stressfull for both Cassidy and I. Usually when we come home from a big competition we spend like two weeks in the forrest, in the field and simply just relaxing and taking the time to restitute.

And maybe we will have all the time in the world after Aachen if we don’t perform well, but if the case is that we perform super good and stay on top of our game, then we should have a change to be selected for Rio De Janeiro.

So on one hand I’m super excited aboucathrine Dufour Cassidyt Aachen, and everyone I know are telling me how great, big and amazing Aachen is to be a competitor at, but on the other hand I’m very concerned about Cassidy and his health. Before going to Aachen he was checked by our vet, and everything is completely perfect; blood tests and clinical tests were simply super.  My vet secured me that Cassidy is in toptoptop shape and ready to perform.

That made me relax a little, and now I’m feeling more secure that we can do this together. So for now my focus in 100% on Aachen, and our performance at this huge competition. Yesterday I saw the masterlist, and booooy it’s a killer. The german A-team is represented and a lot of the best riders in the world are joining too. That kinda made my expectations drop a little, which is quite healthy I think. Now I can simply relax, keep focus on Cassidy and try to perform as good as we did on Broholm for the Danish Championships.

I’m super excited to arrive at the big competition ground, and of course to get started with everything.

You can follow Cathrine on Sunday morning for the Grand Prix Freestyle or on her blog

Photo: Cathrine Dufour