Welcome to our Exclusive Horse Search

Finding the the right horse is not an easy task.

And for many riders, even the most experienced, it is quite a stressful one! Most ask themselves if they will be able to find the right one easily or if they will have to search for a long time – taking focus away from other aspects of life.

In order to facilitate your search, we offer to assist you in finding the right horse.

Let us know what you are looking for – in respect to your sports ambitions, price, age and education level. Many horses are for sale – but they may not surface until the right buyer comes along.

This is also the fact amongst our Members, as they can be concerned about who get’s to ride their best horses next.

As we at DreamSportsHorses work with a policy of price transparency  and finding your new horse through us will cost you an upfront agreed Exclusive Search Fee.

Please consider our other buyers services. None are mandatory – you are free to contact any of our member stables and riders directly and arrange viewing of horses with them independently.

But should you see the need to have local assistance and planning please contact us and let us facilitate the arrangements for you.