How did DreamSportsHorses come about?

We are marketing professionals – and keen equestrians. Having produced numerous adverting campaigns and even brands for international luxury and consumer brands, we can see the lack of marketing and branding when it comes to quality horses. Professional riders and breeders are producers (and very good ones!). But when it comes to marketing of their products, they are sort of ‘swimming’ on their own –  lacking resources to do an optimal job in presenting their quality horses to the relevant customers – customers that most likely are international aficionados and thus very luxury and brand oriented.

On the other hand, buying a horse is a delicate matter. Especially if the potential horse is situated in another country – or even another continent. How do you find the horse that  you will like?, how do you make sure that it’s healthy? ensure that it well educated and of sports performance pedigree? And thus worth the travel and the time?

We in short, saw a lack of service – and decided to create one: with relevant buyer services for choosy international clients and luxury presentation of high quality horses. So we decided to establish DreamSportsHorses. We hope that you will like our services!

Why does the exclusive dressage horses not always have the most spectacular gaits?

You won’t always find horses with the apparently most spectacular gait from us. We support the fact that our members train their horses diligently and with care and respect. For the benefit of the horse and its health, this takes time and patience. This means that we will present young horses (0-6 years) with ‘normal’ gates – gates that over time  – and with increased education levels will become more spectacular and certainly enjoyable. This is what we believe that our quality conscious audiences, will be looking for when finding a suitable dream sports horse.

Is it possible to negotiate a price?

DreamSportsHorses and our members make every effort to set realistic prices. For us, price transparency is an objective in our way of doing business. 

In many countries and cultures it is customary to leave plenty of leeway for negotiating the final price. This is not generally the case with DreamSportsHorses. We ask you therefore to respect the fact that only a moderate level of price negotiation is potentially possible.

How is Dream Sports Horses organised?

Dream Sports Horses is an independent company and is not tied to any s stables, partner or service provider.  We work with the ambition to further our members businesses and to be presenting them and their work with developing outstanding sports horses. For us it a central value to always show of respect for the horses and to deliver the highest ethics in our services, the presentation and marketing of the horses. Following our high ambitions of contribution to the equestrian sport, we invite professional riders, stables and trainers to become members to the best of our knowledge.