Flyinge where history merges with the future


It is a place of outstanding beauty, where historic buildings contrast with ultramodern architecture; it comes complete with chatter-ing storks on the roofs and magnificent horses in the stables. Flyinge runs several educational programs. At university level there is a course in cooperation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The course leads to a university diploma in equine science. There is a specially designed high school program in hippology/natural sciences at Polhemskolan in Lund. Every year 30 high school students are admitted to Flyinge, where they also have an opportunity to live in modern student accommo-dation. In 2006 a Qualified Vocational Course started at Flyinge, specializing in the training of young horses. There is also an edu-cational program for farriers.

In terms of training, the guiding principle at Flyinge is to combine the art of traditional riding and driving with modern science.

Today Flyinge’s CEO Marianne Lilja Wittbom is taking the tradi-tions to the future with a strong focus on heritage.  Flyinge is host to clinics, seminars and courses in all Equestrian disciplines, at all levels and throughout the year. Experts from around the world are invited to share their knowledge and experience at many of these events. Some of these clinics feature the ”Flyinge model”, a system which is aimed at optimizing training and developing the potential in young horses. Training and matching young horses is Flyinges special focus.

You also havean opportunity to bring your own horse to Flyinge so that you can enhance your skills under Flyinge instructors. Flyinge offers five indoor arenas, a cross-country course, a race-track and outdoor rings, as well as riding and driving paths, and is very well equipped for all types of courses and events.Flyinge


  • Flyinge is one of the world’s oldest active national studs, dating back to the 12th century. It is an equestrian center for breeding, research and training.
  • The stud is situated about 15 kilometers from Lund in southern Sweden and was established as a royal stud by King Carl X Gustaf of Sweden in 1661.
  • Since 1983 Flyinge AB has been owned by a trust and has a wide range of activities, including breeding of the Swedish Warm Blood, equestrian sports, veterinary medicine, training and various events.