Horse Tour with a Personal Guide

Let us guide you!

If you find that travelling in a new region and visiting different stables can be an exhausting experience when travelling on your own, we can assist you with a Personal Tour Guide. Your Guide will then takes care of all the logistics and arrangements along the way and act as your travel guide and interpreter, as well as organizing and attending you to stable appointments. Your Guide will also assist you with everything from sudden change in your plans and schedule to arranging a second test ride of your favorite horse to general support in the purchasing process.

Booking a Horse Tour with a Personal Guide means complete organization of the whole trip

  • Scheduling, choice of transport and route
  • Booking of hotels and restaurants
  • Interpreter at stables, hotels etc., if required
  • Test riding video service, which allows you to review the horses again in your own time
  • Support for any requirements at hotels, as well as for the entire purchasing process and subsequent shipping
  • On request: visits to equestrian events, specialist stores and tourist attractions



Daily rate for the complete service with personal tour guide: 550 EUR (8 hours’ service). The personal tour guide can only be booked for full days.

The following will be charged separately:

  • Accommodation if personal tour guide is booked for several days
  • Travel expenses (rental car, flight, rail, etc.)
  • Shared activities according to your wishes: restaurants, tickets to events, etc.