Olympian Carl Hester is Awarded Global Dressage Visionary Award by Carol Cohen

The Global Dressage Visionary Award was established by Carol Cohen to recognize professionals and dressage enthusiasts who have put an incredible amount of effort into the growth and promotion of classical dressage.

“What an honor to win the same award as Robert Dover,” grinned Hester as Cohen presented him with the Global Dressage Visionary Award trophy, which Dover won earlier in the season. With a personality that is as spirited as Hester’s, it’s easy to see how the British Olympian is an instant fan favorite in the dressage community. Immense talent and work ethic compliment Hester’s personable attitude. Hester, who came from humble British Isle beginnings, was the youngest member of the British Olympic Dressage team when he was first named to the team, and he went on to win a team gold medal in the 2012 Olympics in London. Hester is also responsible for the training of several world-class horses, including the subject of his new book, Valegro. The book, which chronicles the journey of making the 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding into a World Champion with his student, Charlotte Dujardin, was recently released and is available for purchase.

Carol’s interview with Carl Hester as he is presented with the Global Dressage Visionary Award.

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