We are proud to present our Members to you. All dedicated professionals, that takes personal pride and delivers special efforts when it comes to coaching and educating elite Riders and Horses. Their knowledge, love of horses and the sport just shines through! Please use the opportunity to enquire for clinics and training sessions. We are more than happy to assist you booking appointments.


We are equally proud to present our Member Breeders to you as they have all been dedicated for years. What makes them special are not the size of their elite studs, but the results they have been able to deliver from their relatively few, but very special selection of mares. Their results include elite sports performance and offspring representing the best bloodlines of Danish and Swedish Warmblood, of Trakehners,  combined with elite German and Dutch performance Sires.

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We offer Luxury Buyers Services, Photo and Film Productions, Targeted Marketing Services and an Exclusive Web Platform in order to facilitate the contact between the very quality conscious buyer and the equally selective professional riders and horse breeders in Denmark and Sweden. Contact us to know more!