We work for transparency and quality in horse purchases

 Supporting: Happy motivated horse athletes

We want to make a lasting and positive contribution to Dressage Riding and Equestrian Sport through our services. With this ambition we are aware that the services we offer require not only professional competence, but also responsibility towards the horses. Therefore we support member professionals using training principles that are according to the fundamentals of classical riding and FEI rules – knowing that these principles not always produces the most spectacular horse movement – but ensures happy motivated horse athletes.

What are our criterias for the horses presented by DreamSportsHorses?

In order be displayed on dreamsportshorses.com the horse has to be:

  1. Of proven performance pedigree (registered by SWB, DWB or by any of the German or Dutch WSBH breeding associations)
  2. Owned or ridden in Scandinavia
  3. In professional training, and professionally educated according to the training scale and according to it’s age
  4. Have a proven record of good or outstanding sport/show results on a national level or international level of competition
  5. A healthy athlete. The horse needs to be recently approved in a clinical and X-ray examination by a leading sport horses specialist Veterinarian

 We are independent

DreamSportsHorses is an independent company and is not tied to any stables, partner or service provider.  We work with the ambition to further our members businesses and to be presenting them and their work with developing outstanding sports horses.

For us it is a central value, to always show of respect for the horses and to deliver the highest ethics in our services – the presentation and marketing of the horses. Following our high ambitions of contribution to the equestrian sport, we invite professional riders, stables and trainers to become members to the best of our knowledge.

Openness and fair pricing:

At DreamSportsHorses, price transparency means stating consistent prices that apply equally for all buyers around the world. We therefore have a fixed price for every sales horse presented. Please feel free to ask for pricing details at any time.

DreamSportsHorses is remunerated a contractually defined and consistently applied marketing fee from its member stables, riders and trainers and we do not receive any further commissions.


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