Petition to keep the Original Grand Prix de Dressage format at The Olympics!

Now is the time to let your voice be heard. The FEI is considering shortening the Grand Prix Dressage programmes at The Olympics and at other international shows in order to accommodate Television Broadcasts !?… 

It can seem absurd. Who has asked FIFA to shorten their soccer matches!

LINK: Should you wish to sign the petition this websites allows you to do so

The argument on the petition website reads:

Dear dressage-sport-fans,

since years by now official authorities have fooled us by claiming that the international Grand Prix tests should be shortened.

That would on the one hand increase the chance for longer television times and furthermore influence positively the time in the Olympic program. That is not true! No TV broadcast in this world would show more dressage sport because future tests will last only four-and-a-half to five minutes instead of today’s six minute-tests. The German public television broadcasting companies have already made a statement to this effect.

Some of us might remember the shortened version of the Grand Prix Special at the Olympic Games in London. It did not even in the slightest show the charming characteristics of the well established Special, primarily not fort he horses. No, that has certainly not been an asset fort he dressage sport. Otherwise one would not have stopped it right away afterwards.

Now the time has come again: On February 19th a test-riding will be performed at the DOKR in Warendorf, regarding the newly suggested shortened tests. These shortened versions of the sport tests will have no positive effect. The development of these versions will only keep people busy and produce alibis. Certainly the dressage sport will have to dream up new conceptions in future, but the shortened tests mean unnecessary activity. It is a step away from the sport!

With this appeal I would like to ask you to sign this petition fort he dressage sport and the horses, but against the silly shortening of the tests.

In the name of all signers.