Pre-Purchase Vet Inspection

All horses featured on DreamSportsHorses have completed a recent Vet Inspection. 

All horses presented on have recently been examined in a clinical and X-ray examination by leading Sports Horses Specialist Veterinarians: Either by leading specialist in Denmark; Hørsholm Hestepraksis, or by another specialist in Scandinavia.

The reason being, that we would like to ensure that the horses are able to go though a Veterinarian Inspection in connection with a sale. This means that the horses on have already been inspected in the preliminary stages.

Full service available for your own examination

An additional or more detailed pre-purchase inspection can take place at any time on your request, at your cost. In case you would like your Vet to inspect the Health Reports and X-Rays these can made available online, for a small fee and under mutual confidentiality agreement.

In order to facilitate the examination process, we are happy to accommodate your wishes of further pre-purchase examination of a horse. Should you for instance, wish to have your own Veterinarian lead these examinations, facilities at Hørsholm Hestepraksis, can be made available for him/her – either by physical participation on location – or via video conferencing during the examination.

The pre-purchase inspection will in any case take place according to your wishes: in close consultation with your preferred veterinarian. Reassuring that you will be the one to decide what will be inspected before a final purchase, how and by whom.

Our services are not in any way compulsory.