• Cool Down Like a Pro

    Take the heat out of tissues, tendons, and ligaments with IceHorse® cold therapy

Cold is an effective way to control or prevent low-level inflammation in arthritic joints or areas of previous injury. These tissues often never completely returned to normal, even when symptoms aren’t obvious, and we recommend routinely icing these areas after exercise.

The @kentuckythreedayevent is underway! #TeamIceHorse riders @laurenkieffereventing and @buckdavidson have 5 horses to compete at this 5* test over the next 3 days. 🙌 🐴 #paramountimportance #vermiculus #jakmystyle 🐴
#betterbymiles #goeventing #dressageallday #jumpallthethings
Congratulations to #TeamIceHorse
Rider JJ Tate!
Reposted from @teamtatedressage - Kynynmont Gunsmoke’s Gideon taking third place in the Tryon CDI 3* Grand Prix Freestyle! …
#betterbymiles #regrann #dressage #sofancy
Q. When should I use heat therapy?
A. Established arthritis and old tendon/ligament injuries can lead to stiffness that disappears during warm-up for exercise and can be improved by use of heat and massage before work.
That ...
⏰ Just two weeks until #LRK3DE 🐴 Learn more about this rockstar pair: #TeamIceHorse rider @laurenkieffereventing and Landmark's Monte Carlo (barn name: Patrick🍀).
↖️Link in Bio↖️
🐴🐴🐴🐴Four (!) horses on the draw list for #LRK3DE for #TeamIceHorse rider @buckdavidson 🙌
Reposted from @buckdavidson - Jak My Style, owned by Kathleen Cuca, put in tremendous efforts all weekend to WIN the Advanced… - #regrann
🚨 Giveaway Alert 🚨
Reposted from @heelsdownmag - Answer our questions and you could win an Ice Horse prize pack. #twinning #giveaway #regrann #betterbymiles
It's still ⛼dark when that alarm clock ⏰ goes off right now, so its gotta be good! What's your 🐴goal? Reposted from #TeamIceHorse @mattmillsreining - Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning! ...
Check out Chief enjoying his ❄cold therapy❄ treatment! 👌🏼 #betterbymiles #horsecare
#Reposted from @bergenequestriancenter - Chief chillin’ in the ice horse boots! We just got the #icehorse Big Black Boots and think they are super cool 😉. Bought by the ...
🍀 Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀#TeamIceHorse rider Lauren Kieffer and Patrick making the magic happen! #betterbymiles
#goeventing #happybirthday Reposted from @laurenkieffereventing - Happy Birthday Patrick 🍀🥳
Happy St Patty’s Day!!
📸: Sherry Nemmers - #regrann
How fitting that on International Women's Day @Amberley Snyder's movie: Walk. Ride. Rodeo. debuts on Netflix. "The movie was actually named after the three goals I set the very first day of therapy. When my nurse stopped in my room, ...

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