New! ACCUHORSEMAT® Nylon blanket

With new front east to adjust velcro straps

 279,00 299,00 Incl. VAT/Moms


Discover the new Accuhorsemat® nylon blanket with even more adjustable front closure.

The two velcro straps give you an easy variation of pressure and even faster removal.

Blanket with three acupressure mats and bag for storage.

Available in: 

LARGE: Color Royal Blue/Golden  – for horses measuring: 81″ and up / 155 cm and up

MEDIUM Size:  Color Royal Blue  – for horses measuring: 72″-78″ / 125-145 cm

SMALL: Color Purple  for horses measuring: 63″-69″/ 110-125 cm

Material: Nylon. The spike-roses – environmentally friendly TPE.
Care: Blanket can be machine washed, 40° C. Acupressure mats, simply rinse off and dry.