DEQUESTRIAN® Paper Stand in Leather

 145,00 Incl. VAT/Moms

Sold By: DEQUESTRIAN by Oldfors

Keep track of your invoices, show your most beautiful cookbooks or exhibit your favorite photos. This beautiful paper stand can be used in a variety of ways and it’s just up to your own imagination. When you are tired of a field of use, just find a new one. That way, it will always be useful and because the design is beautiful, simple and stylish you can have it for many, many years. A classic timeless gift in leather and brass that you can give to old or young, horse lover or not – simply a perfect gift on many different occasions.

Specifications: Length: 22 cm, Width:  21 cm, Height:   19 cm, Material: Leather and Brass.

DEQUESTRIAN® products are handmade and every product is unique. Thus there will be minor variations in color and texture which is completely natural and part of the charm of purchasing handmade products. Shopping a DEQUESTRIAN product you accept that your order may be slightly different due to variations in manufacturing the natural materials the products are produced from.