One Left and Right PRO THERAPY LAMINITIS BOOT with 6 cold Inserts

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Something as serious as Laminitis needs the best treatment there is. 

Left and Right PRO THERAPY LAMINITIS BOOT with 6 cold Inserts

Non-slip rubber sole features ability to use with your choice of pad or wedge.

Ice packs Velcro® directly onto boot – no more fiddling around with pockets.

Take the hassle out of cooling a horse’s hoof!

Unique tri-fold design wraps the horse’s foot in ice from the Coronary Band to the toe providing cold compression therapy for the treatment of Laminitis and relief for stressed hooves or sore feet.

  • Silicone rubber sole  provides comfort, traction and support, while elasticized straps keep the boot properly configured around the horse’s foot.
  • Provides uniform compression and coverage to reduce inflammation and heat of the Coronary band and hoof with no watery mess.
  • Ice packs mold to the horses legs for maximum coverage and stay cold for over two hours.
  • Ice packs are reusable. When you are done, simply place your packs back in the freezer. Within hours they are ready to use again.
  • Specially placed Velcro® closures allow for a secure tight fit every time. Removal is easy – no yanking or jerking on the tabs to undo.
Boot Size Shoe Size Sole Width Sole Length*
Small 00-1 up to 5.5 in/ 14 cm up to 6.5 in/ 17 cm
Medium 2-3 up to 6.25 in/ 16 cm up to 6.75 in/ 17.5 cm
Large 4-5 up to 6.75 in/ 17.25 cm up to 7.5 in/ 19.5 cm
*Measure from heel to toe; do not include bulb.



Step 1: Immediate help

  • Open IceHorse Pro Therapy Laminitis Boots packages. Remove Cold Capsule Ice Packs and place in freezer, with each pack’s round white seal facing up so it can “breathe”.
  • While ice packs are freezing, open Hoof Wrap Soaker Sack package. Insert hoof pad in bottom of sack, fill sack with crushed ice and water. Place hoof in sack and secure with Velcro straps.
Step 2: Prepare Laminitis Boots
  • Check to see that Laminitis Boots ice packs are frozen and the ice crystals turn white ( initial freezing time is 8-12 hours, depending on freezer temperature – after initial freeze, ice packs will refreeze in approximately 4 hours). Remove Hoof Wrap soaker sacks from horse’s hoof.
  • Use 3 ice packs per boot. Remove tape from Velcro strips on the back of each ice pack.
  • Open the Laminitis Boot all the way and attach ice packs vertically to the stiff panels inside the boot.
Step 3: Attaching the Laminitis Boots
  • With the Ice Horse logo facing the front of the horse’s hoof, hold boot open, lift and place the hoof in the boot, and set it back down.
  • Fasten the stiff panels around the horse’s leg.
  • Pull the REAR outer elasticized panel tightly around the stiff panels and fasten with Velcro tabs.
  • Pull the FRONT outer elasticized panel tightly around the stiff panels and fasten to the outside of the rear panel.
  • Secure the boot with the strap around the pastern area to prevent ice from slipping downward.
Step 4: Refresh the Boot’s Ice Packs
  • Check ice packs after approximately two to two and a half hours. The fIrst application of ice packs should provide therapeutic level of cooling for about 2-2 1/2 hours. If ice crystals have turned clear, replace with second set of ice packs.
  • Unwrap the boot, peel off the ice pack and replace with frozen packs. NOTE: the boot does not need to be removed from the horse’s hoof.
  • Return first set of ice packs to freezer. They will refreeze in about 4 hours after the initial freeze.
  • Check second set of ice packs in 4 hours. Replace as necessary. Continue treatment for 24-48 hours.