Simply described as gymnastics on horseback, Vaulting is a harmonious bond between horse and athlete that creates awe-inspiring acrobatic displays of skill and precision

This weekend the highly anticipated FEI Vaulting World Cup™ final will be held for the first time in Saumur, France. Saumur, a town with a rich equestrian heritage, will provide the perfect backdrop as the world’s best vaulters bid for FEI World Cup™ glory.

With 3 magical performances showing the very best skill, artistry & incredible performances vaulting has to offer, Janika Derks (GER), Juan-Martin Clavijo (COL) and Torben Jacobs & Theresa-Sophie Bresch (GER) are all leading after their 1st Freestyle performance in the #FEIWorldCupFinals in Saumur last night!

Round 1: Individual male, Individual female, Pas-Deux on 19th April 2019
Round 2 and Closing Ceremony: Individual male, Individual female, Pas-Deux on 20th April 2019

Individual competitions consist of the following programs:

  • An imposed program without time limit executed 1 time in the first round.
  • A technical program of one minute, executed only in the finale.
  • A free program of one minute executed 1 time in every round.

The team competition is mixed. A team is composed of 7 persons. In a senior’s team, there is no age limit to compete.

Team competitions include the following programs:

  • A compulsory program of 6 minutes
  • A free program of 4 minutes executed 1 time in every round.

Each of seven persons has to realize all the compulsory figures and at least one of the exercises of the free program

Read and see more on FEI.TV  – you can also follow the live action on Equestrian Channel