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We proudly present the our quality Collection to you. Should you be interested in one or more horses, please contact us at DreamSportsHorses. With some horses you will also be able to contact the rider/breeder directly if their info is shown alongside the horse.

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In order manage expectations regarding price ranges of horses presented by Dream Sports Horses we operate with following price categories:

A+: above € 500.000
A: € 200.000 +
B: € 100.000 – € 200.000
C: € 75.000 – € 100.000
D: € 50.000 – € 75.000
E: € 30.000 – € 50.000
F: below € 30.000

0): “Not ridden”
A): Basic Level: Introductory Level & Training Level
L): First Level & Second Level
M): Third Level & Fourth Level
S): Prix St. Georges & Intermediate I – Intermediate II
GP): Grand Prix

Rules when Test Riding

The general rule of the showing horses amongst our Members, is that they are free to decline trying out of their horses, if they have any concerns about the riding abilities and/or suitable chemistry between potential buyer and the horse. We consider this rule being in the best interest of the horses, the current and future owners.

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