The Film project “Correct Dressage and Horse Welfare” produced for Dansk Rideforbund is now live

Over the summer we have been on a very exiting assignment for Danish Equestrian Federation; Dansk Rideforbund (DRF). Namely to co-produce a film together with FEI 5* Judge Leif Törnblad. The theme: “Correct Dressage and Horse Welfare in Dressage Riding”.

The film in the DRF-Welfare project is now live and will be used by Dansk Rideforbund to host a series of events at local riding clubs in club arrangements. The objective being to educate riders and trainers and have a debate how to ensure correct dressage riding and horse welfare in connection with horses used for dressage at all levels. A Welfare Ambassador from DRF – a FEI Judge, including 5* Leif Törnblad, will host every event. The projects PR-teaser – a small video that airs on Dansk Rideforbund’s web page, including a sign up for a local club seminar is also produced by DreamSportsHorses and can be viewed above.

We have filmed young horses at Falsterbo, novice riders at Frederiksværk Rideklub, Junior and Young Riders at the Danish National Championships and also had professional and experienced rides help us illustrate boarder line of the do’s and don’t in problem areas vs. the FEI Dressage Rules. We have also been visiting FEI Stewards – and the warm up at CDI events – and last but not least the Grand Prix performances at the Danish National Championships at Broholm 2014.

The DRF-Welfare film includes 6 ‘chapters’ and goes through how to judge and educate the young horse, how to ensure the education of the young rider and then progresses through the challenges in M-dressage and S-dressage classes – up to Grand Prix. The last part of the film focuses on potential problem areas of Dressage, amongst those the use of bits, the whip and the riders’ aids.

A big thanks to all the riders and event organizers that have made producing this project possible.