VIP Services

Giving you access to the horses that are not for sale.

Alongside our online selection of horses, DreamSportsHorses also offers special access to a number of horses of exceptional quality, including stallions, Grand Prix stars and champion horses from top Scandinavian stud farms and trainers.

For reasons of discretion, details of these exclusive horses are only provided on request rather than being publicly available. Some of these horses are already well known at the highest levels of equestrian sport and are not officially listed as being for sale.

Please note that potential purchasers with a serious interest can only view these exclusive and valuable animals. A service charge of 1.500 EUR per request is therefore applied, which includes:

  • Compilation of a list of exclusive horses in accordance with your specific wishes
  • Organization of the horse tour
  • A day with the Personal Tour Guide service.

Our other VIP services includes (services and prices on request)

  • Private viewing (closed facility)
  • Bodyguard service
  • Private jet
  • VIP accommodation and arrangements
  • Our VIP services are available on special request and due to pre-payment only.

Let us know about your specific requirements